UBE/Colorado Bar Prep Courses: BarBri, Themis or Kaplan?

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UBE/Colorado Bar Prep Courses: BarBri, Themis or Kaplan?

Postby captainplanet » Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:50 pm

Any advice as to which prep course is best for the Colorado Bar Exam? It's a UBE state so I assume this question applies to any other UBE state too.

I took and passed the California bar exam in 2015 using BarBri. My firm is paying for the class, so costs are not a major issue. The main obstacle will be time, as I will be working full-time until a month before the exam. Thanks!


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Re: UBE/Colorado Bar Prep Courses: BarBri, Themis or Kaplan?

Postby unlvcrjchick » Sun Nov 19, 2017 6:01 am

I worked full time while studying for and taking the Utah Bar this past summer (also UBE). I used Kaplan’s on-demand class and passed on my first attempt with a lot of room to spare, and that’s with my not having taken any time off to study: instead, I took one week off to go on vacation in the middle of bar prep in June and attended San Diego Comic Con the weekend before the bar exam. This was dumb as fuck but I was burned out working 60+ hours and studying and didn’t care, even with my firm footing the bill. But hey, I at least studied during some of the panels and while standing in line lol. But I digress.

I also took the live BarBri program 9 years prior for Nevada and also passed on my first attempt. If I had to compare the two programs, I would say they’re quite comparable, but I loved taking the on-demand class and listening to the lectures at 1.5/2x speed, which saved me a LOT of time when I didn’t have any.

So I can’t say which course is the best, as everyone has his/her own preferences and learning styles, but I can vouch for both programs and at least Kaplan is half the price of BarBri. But if I can pass while fucking around on vacation and working full time, anyone can irrespective of the program chosen. Good luck.

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