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Bar Review Videos

Postby Mobster1983 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:23 am

I am looking for some bar lecture videos to review for the bar for cheap/free.

Quick background. Graduated this past May and passed the Hawai‘i bar with Barbri. Only got thru about 20% of the program because my wife gave birth to our first child right when bar prep started. Since neither of us had and family here, studying pretty much went out the window caring for her and the baby.

I am taking the UBE in Washington state this February. Kept all my books from Barbri. Hawai‘i is the same format and uses the same materials as the UBE, but is not a UBE state. I also have my flashcards and everything else I made, so I am good on materials and practice tests.

I have a one hour commute to work each way, and would really like to spend that time listening to lectures. I may call Barbri and see if I can get the program again for what I paid last time ($1,400 when I signed up my first semester of law school). However, with the baby and working a state court clerkship, funds are tight.

Anything out there that I can watch for free or much cheaper than the bar prep courses? I don't need anything fancy, this is really just repetition/review while I cannot read or do practice tests. Found some very limited things on YouTube, but that's about it. Thanks in advance.

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