MEEs getting harder (2009 - Present)

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MEEs getting harder (2009 - Present)

Postby RaceJudicata » Wed Jul 19, 2017 3:55 pm

Venting session during my studies...

Has anyone been using the practice MEEs on NCBE's website? For those who havent, I have found them incredibly helpful. That said, after doing a bunch of them (and paying for 4 or 5 of the more recent ones) it has become really obvious to me that the MEEs have been getting harder over time.

For instance, yesterday I did a Wills question that was based solely on durable powers of attorneys and another question on same exam was on a more nuanced part of evidence (e.g., very fine point of law -- not your typical bread and butter hearsay or whatever question)...Meanwhile, today I'm working on an agency question from 2009 that literally only tested Apparent/Express authority. No nuances, no weird exceptions, just basic shit.

These are just two examples... the 2014-Present exams have been -- overall -- much more difficult than 2009-12. At least IMO.

Anyone else have a similar experience?


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Re: MEEs getting harder (2009 - Present)

Postby JoeSeperac » Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:26 pm

I think that is a really interesting observation and I will look into it after the exam. Based on the pre-UBE exam in NY, I can tell you which essays are harder based on the average scores I receive from failing examinees, but I don't have enough UBE exam scores to determine this yet. I think it is possible that when Negotiable Instruments/Commercial Paper was removed from the MEE in 2014 (a difficult subject), NCBE may have decided to make the existing subjects a little more difficult to balance. However, I still often find that current MEE questions are basically recycled from older questions. For example, the topics tested on the Corporations question of the F17 MEE are very similar to topics tested on FEBRUARY 2010 NEW YORK BAR EXAMINATION Q5 and FEBRUARY 2002 CALIFORNIA BAR EXAMINATION Q3.

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