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Re: Straight Talk, Please.

Postby rcharter1978 » Tue May 16, 2017 6:56 am

rayforoc wrote:Hey everyone,

I just got my scores. My question is, is this hopeless for me to pass? I have ADHD and had time and a half last time. I also have to work part time this study cycle but the rest of my time will be spent studying. Moreover, I am using a tutor again and this time following his advice. Lastly, my personal life is better but Im still mental fucked up. The following are my scores. Just be honest. I can push myself and put the work in, but I don't know if I am one of those that will never pass...

Essay 1: 70
Essay 2: 50
Essay 3: 60
Essay 4: 60
Essay 5: 55
Essay 6: 55
PT A: 55
PT B: 50

Raw Written: 560
Scaled Written: 1232.75
Scaled MBE: 1346.00


Here's my MBE Percent Breakdown

Civ Pro: 51.5
Con Law: 41.0
Contracts: 67.5
Crim Law: 53.9
Evidence: 61.6
Real Prop: 21.0
Torts: 27.7

Are these out of 100%? In other words, did I literally get an F---- in torts? Torts for Adaptibar I was at, like 79% if I recall. I really just want to walk away.

I didn't know that they gave you the MBE breakdown, thats pretty cool.

So, your MBE seems a little low, your essays aren't the worst, and your PTs are pretty low.

Because the MBE is a little low and because it will account for 50% of the exam moving forward, I think it would be good to focus in on BLL. Also, I suspect the three scores in the 50s may reflect missed issues that you might have been able to recognize with a better understanding of BLL.

But you also should be learning how to write a PT. You got a 70 on one of the essays, so you can write coherently, so there is no real excuse for two low PT scores. I imagine there is something wrong in your approach, which is why I suggest the red PT book. I think it has a really good method on how to approach the PT and organize information.

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