Has anyone used SEPERAC?

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Has anyone used SEPERAC?

Postby MRSP » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:34 pm

If you have used the Seperac program to prepare for the bar could you please leave a review? I am seeing options to purchase just the MEE review ($99), or to purchase full access to the website which would include MBE and MPT outlines/attack strategies ($400), and I am not sure which I should go with. I am also planning to purchase Adaptibar this week. Thank you!


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Re: Has anyone used SEPERAC?

Postby JoeSeperac » Sat Apr 15, 2017 6:47 pm

My site is really for repeat takers or at-risk first time takers (foreign examinees or domestic examinees with an LGPA below 3.0). For example, according to a NYBOLE study, if you are a domestic-educated candidate taking the New York bar exam for the first time, there is a 95% chance that you will pass by your third attempt. To give examinees a good understanding of their odds of passing the UBE exam, I took every available statistic from a credible source (e.g. NCBE and NYBOLE) and created a calculator based on that data:


While there will always be outliers, the estimations should accurately reflect the majority of examinees sitting for the exam. These statistics will either make you feel more confident or remind you that more work needs to be put into the exam. However, even if you are in an at-risk category, your MBE practice scores (assuming the MBE practice questions are of sufficient difficulty and representative of the topics tested) will give you the most insight as to whether or not you will pass the bar exam.

To anyone that failed the F17 UBE exam, if you would like to know your raw MBE scores, please fill out the Primary Information and UBE Grading Sheet Information sections of the following form:


The scoresheets once again contain percentiles for the MBE sub-scores (this information used to be included on score reports but was removed just prior to NCBE's introduction of Civil Procedure to the MBE). These percentiles tell you how many examinees you did better than nationally for each MBE subject and overall. For example, if your %tile for Civil Procedure is 63.6, it means that you scored better than 63.6% of examinees nationwide (out of about 23,000 F17 examinees) on the 25 graded Civil Procedure MBE questions. What these percentiles don't tell you are your raw scores (e.g. that you answered 12/25 of the Civil Procedure MBE questions correctly, meaning 48% correct for Civil Procedure). If I receive this percentile information from F17 examinees, I can figure out the raw scores (I have done this with NY scores for years). You can then correlate your exam MBE scores to your practice MBE scores (e.g. if you were getting 70% correct on Civil Procedure questions in practice but 48% correct on the exam, you should find a better source of Civil Procedure MBE practice questions). However, I can't figure out the raw scores until I receive at least 100 scoresheets from examinees so I can factor in all the permutations, which is why I am posting here.

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