People taking Barbri for the February bar- What's your % Completed so Far?

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People taking Barbri for the February bar- What's your % Completed so Far?

Postby Jmazz88 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:50 pm

24% here. Although I certainly do not take 1-2 hours to prepare or review my notes..I usually just skim. I noticed the average is pretty low, 11% out of a possible 25%, but I would assume many people just neglect to hit "complete" on certain offline assignments.


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Re: People taking Barbri for the February bar- What's your % Completed so Far?

Postby musashino » Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:03 am

I'm at 11% just like the average. 50/50 UBE Jx btw.

I suppose it's possible I'm taking the wrong approach, and it's certainly counter to Barbri's recommendations, but I feel that my low completion is justified because I started making some very extensive flashcards right after each lecture for memorization, which took a brutally long time to make.

I've gone through Torts, Criminal Law & Procedure, Contracts, and am about halfway done with Property Lecture, which I should be done with by tomorrow. I've only finished Secured Transactions from the MEE side, which I'm fine with as I've taken classes on Corporations, Wills & Estates, and Trusts during school, so I don't expect anything unexpected, and Family Law seems like pure memorization after a brief skim of the MEE Outline. The only "unknown" for me is Conflict of Laws, but at least it appears to be one of the shortest subjects in the Bar, so I'm not fretting over it.

Per my personal study schedule, I'll be spending nearly all of next week memorizing the 5 MBE subjects hardcore, and doing all the associated diagnostics, MEE essays, etc.. for them. Hopefully, that'll leave me with enough of a cushion (5 weeks at that point) to just routinely practice the MBE, leisurely go through Evidence & Civ Pro, and catch up on my MEE and MPT practices as I ramp up my hours in the next few weeks until the exam.

Kinda sucks I've taken 2 months off to study for the bar - wish i had 2.5 months - but I'm actually encouraged by how little I'm "REALLY" studying. I use a program called Toggl to meticulously time all of my activities, and so far, my relaxation/tv/fun time is about the same as my study time lol. So I'm actually encouraged I can become more disciplined in the next few weeks, and the initial burden of lectures, handouts, & flashcards should wind down within 2 weeks, so i dunno.. not quite freaking out yet.

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