Those who have taken out the Sallie Mae Bar Study loan

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Those who have taken out the Sallie Mae Bar Study loan

Postby gladiator0flaw11 » Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:30 pm

It's the first private loan I took out and I know hey offer up to $15,000 max but I miscalculated my figure by an additiona $1,000 or 2k. They're telling me they can't extend to the additional $2500.00 anymore because the first check was disbursed and I'd have to re-apply as if it were a new loan, but I'm hesitant due to higher interest rate or getting declined because I only had about a 650 or little higher.

How would I know ahead of time if I'll be granted the extra grand or two grand that I will need into February? I had to stop full time work to take prep course and pass this third time. I do have long-term employment lined up in midlaw, so I'm not worried about paying it back and I'm also selling my car that has a KBB worth of $20,000. This is more of a question about how to tell ahead of time that I'll be approved or not? If they give the additional $2500.00 to those who got approved but not yet disbursed I'm assuming I can stay within that range and be okay? I'm pretty dumb when it comes to credit rating and such and this is the first time I've touched a private loan. Any advice is appreciated, Happy Holidays!

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