February 2017 New York Bar Exam

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Re: February 2017 New York Bar Exam

Postby ndp1234 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 12:06 am

puremorning wrote:
lolabear727 wrote:Anyone bringing a laptop bag and putting it in the personal belongings room "at your own risk"? Not sure I want to risk walking the 6 blocks in the cold and likely rain (as the forecast shows right now) without a cover. Just wondering if anyone has heard of stuff being taken, etc.? I guess if someone desperately needs my bag they can have it sans the good stuff.. :roll:

One bad thing about not have a car on test day.

Btw, the softtest nightmare happened to me in FL July 2014. It was terrible. Didn't get a good night sleep on Day1-Day2 because it never uploaded. Some people got theirs uploaded, others did not. It had to be uploaded the night of the written portion by 11:59. Needless to say, the anxiety in the room on day 2 was insane.

Ugh I couldn't imagine being part of the hell that was the July 2014 bar. I'm taking the bar in NYC and taking public transit there, so I'm def taking a bag and wearing my coat. I think I'll try to minimize the valuables I'm taking (if someone steals my old Eddie Bauer coat, that's kinda shitty, and I don't think I'll bring my phone because I know my way around), but I get if you're unfamiliar with an area and need your phone or something. Idk. I'm not super concerned, but I am curious about other's experiences with the personal belongings room.

Personal belongings room is not an issue in terms of limiting what you bring. You can bring pretty much anything in the personal belongings rooms. They're basically huge empty rooms. People mostly put their stuff on the floor against the walls and most people aren't concerned about stealing anything because it would take a lot of work to find the name brand/designer stuff. Just don't like leave your cell phone or money out in the open and you should be fine. Also make sure you note which room you put your stuff because they all look the same. But I brought my study books, cell phone, food and anything else I needed that day and it was fine.

Feel free to PM me with any specific questions.

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