MBE Practice books - Kaplan MBE or any other

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MBE Practice books - Kaplan MBE or any other

Postby Nybar2015 » Wed Oct 28, 2015 1:36 pm

Hi there
I know that Kaplan has bought PMBR. PMBR used to have Blue and Red book. I heard that Blue and Red book each had 1200 questions approx..which means we could practice nearly 2400 approx MBE questions. Whereas Kaplan just offers a MBE practice book (purple book) which has about 1200 approx. and Final review course 200 MBEs. Looks like Kaplan has lesser MBE questions than what PMBR used to offer. I feel cheated as they offer less for more money now.

Any alternatives for buying more MBE questions. I really dont want to spend any more money on online courses but would prefer buying used books and doing it myself.

many thanks

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