AU WCL transfer questions

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AU WCL transfer questions

Postby Kya6 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:00 pm

Hi Everyone,
So I posted this question in a separate thread, but would like some additional feedback. I will be attending WCL this fall on a substantial scholarship, and would just like some information/ experience on transfer possibilities/numbers from this school to GW and Georgetown. I know conventional wisdom says not to go to law school intending on transferring, and that is not my ultimate goal, just a potential option. I have heard elsewhere that a significant portion of AU’s class ends up transferring, and I am just curious to see what type of numbers/ class rank is needed to get into both schools. Any advice is appreciated.

Also, if any current AU students would be willing to give their personal advice, please PM on reddit!
My username is kya6

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