Where should I go to practice PHX biglaw/midlaw?

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Where should I go to practice PHX biglaw/midlaw?

Postby JuryNullifier » Fri May 12, 2017 1:32 am

Hi TLS, long time/first time

I plan on applying next year and would like to practice in Phoenix. I have very strong ties to AZ (born & raised, high school, ASU/UofA undergrad). I've seen the Phoenix market described as one where a handful of true biglaw firms dominate with a plethora of smaller firms doing similar work for similar pay. I'm not picky about firm size, as long as I can get work that will pay in the low six figures. Dream would be to eventually transition to an AUSA position in the District of Arizona. So the question is, where should I be applying if the goal is one of these biglaw/market paying midlaw firms? I'd love to stay in AZ, so ASU is a compelling option if it has a legitimate shot to place in those firms. Thanks in advance!

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