Pitt law students: let's trade exams

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Pitt law students: let's trade exams

Postby ebouchard » Sat Aug 13, 2016 8:30 am

I'll trade HLS exams for Prof Rhonda Wasserman's civil procedure exams.

She's a visiting prof to HLS; I believe you can borrow exams for 2 hours with your student ID at PittLaw library (http://law.pitt.edu/barco-law-library/student-services). In return, I have access to tons of past exams (torts, corporations, property... you name it), just lmk which ones you'd like.

Please PM me if interested.


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Re: Pitt law students: let's trade exams

Postby GoneSouth » Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:58 am

Why would Pitt law students want HLS exams?

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