Besides making a partner, possible Asian career path?

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Besides making a partner, possible Asian career path?

Postby EM.C » Sun May 17, 2015 4:34 am


I am Asian male :? and I will be attending one of T14 schools this fall.

Although I graduated from U.S. university double-majoring in Econ and Philosophy, I have serious doubts about my future career because I do not speak perfect English (as it can be observed from my writing).

As an Asian male who did not major in Finance or Engineering (including CS) :( , I do not think I will be seen favorably in law school job market. Even if I luckily make BigLaw, I do not think my chances of making a partner is high.

I might be thinking way too ahead as 0L who might utterly fail in law school, but I am in need of concrete career goal that will serve as my motivation during 1L.

Reading TLS posts, it appears typical career paths are
1) Partnership Track -- but --> low chance
2) Government -- but --> no citizenship yet
3) Academia -- but --> not T7 & no clerkship opportunity
4) PE/VC/HF -- but --> no Finance background + did not enjoy summer internship in IB
5) Startup/Silicon Valley -- but --> no Engineering background, cannot take patent bar

Is there any career path that I have overlooked?

Maybe because of my inexperience, I have not heard of Asian male (with imperfect English) pursuing a successful career in labor or antitrust.

Am I being too pessimistic?
Or, do you all agree I have to figure out a way to practice in areas of Finance or Engineering/CS?

Your advice will be much appreciated.


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Re: Besides making a partner, possible Asian career path?

Postby aretoodeetoo » Sun May 17, 2015 4:39 am

edit, i don't want to be involved with this on a public forum. msg me if you just want to air out some stress. relax bro.

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Re: Besides making a partner, possible Asian career path?

Postby starry eyed » Sun May 17, 2015 7:27 am

yea you could be a troll but i doubt it

you forgot what everyone on this board aspires to do: big law associate to in-house at a company

typically no one stays in big law long enough to make partner, so what associates usually do is find other jobs to lateral to before the kabash gets laid on them (which can be avoided if you're a superstar)

though having worked at a big firm opens other doors, like US attorney, Public interest, lit boutiques, midlaw, etc. for the associates who didn't make the cut

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