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Postby mes10d » Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:12 am

Thanks for the replies. I definitely don't 'hate' law school and would never dream of dropping out. I can agree that I posted preemptively given how little I know about the results of my other classes, but there's no need to jump down someone's throat over being worried with how much/how little certain factors will affect their future.

Enjoy the rest of your breaks, guys.
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Re: Effects of 'Failing' Legal Writing - ?

Postby DMXdawg » Wed Dec 24, 2014 11:23 am

I would wait until your grades come out or else you would be committing unnecessary emotional pain.

But clearly a poor LRW would affect transfer chances to the extent that it would affect your percentile rank in your class, and would affect your chances at different law firms depending on how certain employers treat LRW grades. Some probably care a whole lot, some less.

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Re: Effects of 'Failing' Legal Writing - ?

Postby twenty » Wed Dec 24, 2014 3:12 pm

First, no one has any idea because we don't know what your school's enforced grade distributions are, if your school even has any. A B+ median could be 90% get B+, 5% get A-, and 5% get B. Or it could mean 20% get B+, 40% get A-, and 40% get Bs. You say you're 13.5 points below median on your last memo, but that could still be a B+ for all we know.

Second. Sweet Jesus. Chill the fuck out. Your life is not over if you get a B- in LRW. Your life is not over if you get a B- in every doctrinal class you have. You say you do more work than "the average amount that pretty much every other school gives their 1Ls." I have no idea what this even means, and it makes even less sense given that 1L curriculums are pretty close to identical across the board. There's no way anyone here is going to guesstimate your transfer chances without all your 1L grades, and definitely not based on feeling "okay" "confident" and "good" about the exams you did take.

You hint around about dealing with feeling depressed all the time and disliking your environment a lot. My advice, especially if you don't have a lot of out-of-pocket expenses right now due to your scholarship, would be drop the fuck out. January forward is going to be a lot more miserable given the fact that no matter what grades you get, you're going to beat yourself up over them; either because they were lower than you were hoping, or because you don't believe you can replicate the same results. If you're going to be completely miserable, seriously, drop out of law school. It's not worth it to try and white-knuckle your happiness through prestige and success.

edit> If anyone else wants to chime in here, is it possible for OP to drop out at the end of this semester and apply for first year admission to CO2018 (albeit late in the cycle?)

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