Splitting summer between two firms with low-ish offer rates?

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Splitting summer between two firms with low-ish offer rates?

Postby ScottRiqui » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:59 pm

From the admittedly little I've learned about the Texas market so far, it seems like it's fairly common to do a split 2L summer, and also that there are a lot of offices there that historically haven't had 100% offer rates. Does the fact that you have two chances at an offer help offset the lower individual offer rates?

I know that you can't treat the two halves like completely independent events, and that flaws in your personality or work product that would get you no-offered at one firm might get you no-offered at the other as well, but in general, would you feel comfortable about your chances of avoiding two "random" no-offers, even if the individual offer rates were only 80-90%?

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