Questions about law studnes

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Questions about law studnes

Postby yaz » Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:34 am

for all the students that still study or have already finished, there are questions that I need to ask hope you all answer them for the help.
the questions are about the life of the law student if he's still studying or he's done.

I need successful experiences about law colleges

1 - What are the main activities that you've had / or still have and took advantage of them ?

2- when you have a free time, is there any place you used to head to improve yourself?

3- are there any sort of out class activites you like to spend your time there that you think it improves a law student ?

4- are there homeworks or in class activites you think they help the student ?

5- please tell me an advice that you love to share with other students in the world who are on the studying seats. specially law students.

When you answer them, please write your colleges name.
Hope you all answer them. I really want your answers.
Thank you

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