Rutgers Newark Minority Student Program?

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Rutgers Newark Minority Student Program?

Postby legal-eagle » Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:13 am

Hey everyone!

I recently was admitted to RU Newark with a full scholarship (still waiting to hear back from 8 more schools but RU is in the lead right now for me as i was born and raised and plan to die in jersey loll plus free law school whattt!)

Is there anyone out there that had any experience with the MSP ? I've heard from people that heard from people .. so i don't have firsthand insight but from what I've heard it's a big time commitment but it can open doors for you with the summer internship program? anyone know if this is true?

also if you have had experience with it can you give me a little info on what you actually have to do on a weekly basis? i know they have some study groups and seminars, etc

thanks in advance for the help



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