question about LSAC grade calculation

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question about LSAC grade calculation

Postby lawschoolbound1988 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 7:44 pm

I just had a few basic questions about law school application:

1). LSAC states that they calculate grades up to the Bachelors degree date. Well if you are doing a double major, you graduate with both degrees at the same date (i.e. August 2015). So, if you are pursuing 2 degrees, do they still calculate until the bachelors degrees are listed on the transcript. Is it the still the same procedure, whether you pursue 1 or 2 degrees?

2). There were a couple of times when I audited a course, where they put AU on the transcript and you received no grade. Would those 2 Audits be omitted by LSAC or counted as Failure?

3). I am planning on working a couple years before law school. I was hoping to graduate with a BBA (bachelor of business administration) in economics, but that would be longer then 8/15 when I am planning on graduating, so would you say if someone pursued a BA in Economics/Psychology (double major) and a minor in Marketing, that that would make it comparable to the other? in terms of job prospects or no?

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Re: question about LSAC grade calculation

Postby papercut » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:13 am

1. I'm pretty sure double major doesn't equal double degree. All your grades will count from your first B.A or B.S.

2. Audits are only counted if you got an F. If you got a pass, they won't count.

3. Law schools don't care about the distinction you're drawing, so I guess they are equivalent. I have no idea about the jobs prospect question. If you mean after law school, then no one will care about one BA or soft BS over another. Only your law school grades will matter.

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