Kaplan Bar fail, retake with Kaplan?

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How should I proceed with my bar study?

Retake with Kaplan for Free
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Kaplan Bar fail, retake with Kaplan?

Postby SDviaVA » Thu Dec 05, 2013 7:26 pm

I failed the July Bar (sucks yes). Kaplan has a free retake or money back offer that initially enticed me to go with them. Unfortunately, I am finding out now that they are very stingy with the money back policy. They would only offer me the retake option because out of the entire required bar review course, including attending all 3 to 4 hour classes practically daily for 2 1/2 months, taking 3 practice exams, hundreds of practice multiple choice questions, dozens of practice essays, and 18 "checkpoint quizzes" I didn't complete 4 of the checkpoint quizzes. According to them, this disqualifies my for the money back offer but not the retake offer. Moreover, when I went to sign up for the retake, they informed me they only have the online class available for the February Bar where I live and they refused to give me the $1000 difference in the price between the online and the live version of the class I originally paid for.

Rant against Kaplan aside, my question is should I just go with the free retake they are offering me, considering I failed with Kaplan using the live version the first time and it is the online version I will be using this time? Or should I got with a better name like Barbri, knowing it will cost me about $4000?

I feel like I know what areas I need to work on this time around based on my Bar results and to be honest the live version of Kaplan bar review wasn’t even that "live" because 40% of the lectures were just going to a room and watching a video. However, I would hate to fail again and regret not just biting the bullet and paying for a better/full course.

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