I am not good test taker SAT and LSAT Tests

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Re: I am not good test taker SAT and LSAT Tests

Postby dr123 » Mon Sep 02, 2013 2:28 am

jbagelboy wrote:Fwiw my high school gave 5 pts for AP courses, but not for honors. So I was over 4.0 "weighted" but not absurdly so, and the school showed an "unweighted" as well (out of 4 only). I think it made sense for school honors (magna cum laude, ect) to look at weighted since ap chem was a fuckton harder than anatomy, or ap english compared to remedial.

I know the college I ended up at only looked at the "unweighted" anyway, and most colleges recalculate to standardize, so it really doesnt make much difference.

Your HS had latin honors? Did you go to a preftigious private school? We just had valedictorian and that was it.

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Re: I am not good test taker SAT and LSAT Tests

Postby ManoftheHour » Mon Sep 02, 2013 3:36 am

indo wrote:As I mentioned I took 12 AP courses and a lot of honor classes.
in my high school AP and honor classes graded as follow;
A = 5, B = 4 and C = 3.
Freshman :Honor Algebra 2
Sophomore : Honor Geometry
Junior: AP statistic
Senior AP calculus BC

The 5 point scale was same as the one in my school. Also, for non-AP and non-honors classes, 4 points for A, 3 points for B, etc.

It was quite bullshit though. The smartest guy in my class had a lower GPA than the second smartest person in my high school only because he took an engineering class and built a fucking solar boat. They took the same amount of APs, both got As, but the engineering class he took is neither an honors nor AP class. Therefore, he gets a 4 for an A for a regular class, and thus, "lowers" his GPA by being ambitious.

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Re: I am not good test taker SAT and LSAT Tests

Postby splitsplat » Fri Sep 06, 2013 9:29 am

work on that english bro

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