Int'l LLM at Stanford: which corporate law books to read?

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Int'l LLM at Stanford: which corporate law books to read?

Postby tlkraemer » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:25 am


I will be doing an LLM (Corporate Governance & Practice) at Stanford this year. I have a Bachelor's in law and a Master's in law from a European university and about one year of work experience at a prominent (but non-UK or US) law firm, primarily doing M&A (mostly private equity acquisitions). Clients are mostly US funds and referrals from US/UK firms.

At Stanford I will try to enroll in courses such as Corporations, Corporate Acquisitions and Private Equity Investing.

As I will have about two months of spare time over the summer before starting the program, I want to do some reading on Corporations/M&A law beforehand, but am not too sure what book I should choose. Any suggestions on what *the* corporate law book is currently? Should be up-to-date and preferably be <$100.

Thanks in advance

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