Let's talk AUSAs

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Let's talk AUSAs

Postby JDeezy » Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:01 pm

I tried searching but didn't find too much.

1.) Do most/all AUSAs come from Biglaw? How many years of Biglaw experience needed before attempting to jump?

2.) Do all AUSAs come from super prestigious Biglaw firms?

3.) Could you conceivable make it to AUSA from a lower T14?

4.) Anyone have any links that shows profiles of current AUSAs?

5.) What do AUSAs do after AUSA? Obviously not many would become a US Attorney.

I know that AUSA is one of the most attractive Biglaw exit options, just trying to get a sense of how one would conceivably get there? I understand a small percentage of people actually do make it there so no need to point that out.

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Re: Let's talk AUSAs

Postby kalvano » Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:54 pm

1) It depends on the location. I think SDNY / EDNY prefers ex-Biglaw. In NDTX, a lot were former prosecutors. It depends on the caseload. For example, SD/ED NY do a lot of huge fraud and RICO cases, so a background in finance and corporate law is really helpful. NDTX does a lot of drugs and gun trafficking, so a state prosecutor background is probably more helpful.

2) Not all. Again, it's district-specific. If you're aiming to be an AUSA in SDNY, you're going to need all the flash you can get. In Bumblefuck, Idaho, not as much.

3) You can conceivably make it from any school. Again, it's district-specific. Super prestigious districts will require better credentials. But a lot of getting an AUSA gig is what you've accomplished since leaving school.

4) I don't think there will be much out there. They don't exactly publicize the identities of federal prosecutors.

5) They stay with it as an AUSA. There were plenty in Dallas who had been with the USAO for 20+ years. It's not like Biglaw where you are forced out. If you're good at it, you stay if you want to. They will use you accordingly.

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