How to get a 1L summer judicial externship?

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How to get a 1L summer judicial externship?

Postby mh013 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:47 pm

Is there anything that I can be doing now as a restless 0L?
I am relaxing, drinking, getting everything out of my system, so it's not like I'm pre-studying for law school like a madman.
When December rolls around, would it be useful to know which judges to apply to?
Do you basically just send them a resume/cover letter?
Any advice would be great, thanks!

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Re: How to get a 1L summer judicial externship?

Postby jackattack17 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:52 pm

Yeah, all you can really do from right now until the November or so is get yourself a list of judges and polish your resume. If you apply before fall grades come out, all you'll have to go off of is the strength of your UG resume (and subsequent WE) and law school, and any law extracurriculars you may have gotten involved in. No sense stressing now though. And yeah, all you'll send is a resume and cover letter (Some might also ask for a writing sample? Mine didn't. Either way, don't stress about that now either).

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