question about T-14 transfers

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question about T-14 transfers

Postby lawschoolsplit1984 » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:06 am

I was accepted into a Top 25-29 law school and I just wanted to get some kind of feedback in terms of what various T 14 schools look for in terms of transfers.

First, to transfer into T14 will top 10 percent suffice from a 25-29 school? Or should it be 5 percent?

Second, I have a sub 3.0 ugpa, and would a T 14 accept a transfer with an original ugpa below 3.0?

Lastly, if you are coming from a 25-29 school and throw in apps to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia...would those four accept you if your ranking was competitive (I know they have accepted from schools in the 20s before) but would they accept even if the ugpa is sub 3.0?

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