question about 1L performance/transfers

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question about 1L performance/transfers

Postby lawschoolsplit1984 » Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:38 pm

Am a splitter. Slightly sub 2.5 and 173 LSAT score. Applied early and was accepted to a Top 25-29 school.

The reason I was likely admitted to the 25-29 school was because of my high LSAT score, that they were willing to take the gpa hit. A 25-29 school isnt bad obviously and its in my best interest to attain first year grades as high as possible, as I would like it to be possible that if I do well, I can transfer up even but not counting on being a transfer. I am happy attending the school I got admitted to. I know everyone says dont attend a law school with the intention of transferring -- well, thats certainly not what I did, my goal was to get into the best school I could and given the gpa, I dont think I could do much better since I dont have relevant WE and have a low gpa.

Sorry for the hypothetical question but here goes....If you attend a school ranked 25-29, that is clearly tier 1, and if by chance you rock your 1L exams and place in the top 5-10 percent of your class or a bit higher, its not unreasonable then to put in transfer apps to the Top 14 (Georgetown, Duke, NYU, Columbia)....AND if by small chance I work my butt off, and it works out, can you get admitted from a 25-29 school placing top 5-10 percent OR will I have no chance because of the sub 2.5 Ugpa? They act like transfer admissions are solely on 1L performance but have schools like Duke, Georgetown, Columbia, NYU, UChicago admit transfers from T25-29 schools with a sub 2.5 UGPA? (I look at the yahoo transfers and cant find anyone with that low UGPA)

any help or insight would be appreciated -- and no sarcasm or negativity please. I worked my butt off to get a 173 and it payed off with getting into a Top 20s with a low gpa, so I have nothing to lose by aiming to try to do well 1L...and inquiring about transfers BUTI accept too that it rarely works out, but I would like advice regarding the sub 2.5 part.

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Re: question about 1L performance/transfers

Postby jbiresq » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:47 pm

Thanks for not posting this on the transfer forum.

Don't think about transferring now. Seriously don't. Really, don't. If you do well your 1L year (Top 10% should be enough to get you some T14 acceptances) then you can transfer. Gunning for transfer almost never works. Transferring is a happy coincidence after you get good grades. One thing to remember: 90% of your class isn't in the Top 10%. Focus on working your ass off and getting good at exams, not thinking about how great it will be to do OCI at a T14.

Also, to answer your original question: undergrad GPA is functionally irrelevant for transfers.


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Re: question about 1L performance/transfers

Postby hephaestus » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:50 pm

Schools typically only look at your 1L GPA. Your LSAT and UG GPA stop mattering. That being said, you need to do very, very well to transfer from one of these schools.
Did you apply to T14s this cycle? Obviously your GPA holds you back but did anyone WL you? Did you try ED?

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