course withdrawals question

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course withdrawals question

Postby michellebenedik » Thu Feb 28, 2013 9:33 am

I was hoping someone could possibly assist me with this inquiry regarding course withdrawals.

I have had a host of healthproblems in undergrad, and have several semesters of Withdrawals which I will write an addendum for. I know the withdrawals are non-punitive because 1). They didnt effect my gpa 2). It says on my schools transcript key that W's are not computed, 3). Others that graduated from my school said the W's were not computed in their LSAC gpa, and 4). There's a post on here where you can type in your school and it indicates what LSAC excludes and they have W's listed as excluded from my school.

However, my question is, one semester when I was hospitalized for 2 months, I withdrew from everything except once class which I received a negative grade. Appealed for a retroative withdraw and the negative grade was removed. On my transcript there is a W where the class was I received the negative grade. However,it still states "Semester Warning" for that semester.

Will LSAC read the notion Semester Warning and decide that means to treat the W's punitively even though they didnt effect my gpa and were non computed? Understand my question? Its difficult to word, so if not, I can try to re-phase.

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