Patent Work in St. Louis

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Patent Work in St. Louis

Postby LaBarrister » Wed Jan 09, 2013 4:07 pm

I seem to find myself doing a lot of things in St. Louis as an undergraduate. With my professional experiences there, specifically at WashU, and my love of the city, I'm starting to wonder if it will be a good place to pursue my career in patent law. With an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, do you think there would be good opportunities in this city as far as finding patent-related work goes? I honestly have no idea.

I've heard of SV and DC being good for patent attorneys, and that Texas is good for chemical-related patents. But assuming I didn't even end up liking patent law, what is the legal job market like in St. Louis? Also, what if I didn't end up going to WashU Law, to save money? What would my prospects look like, then?


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