Part-timers, how do yo do it?

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Part-timers, how do yo do it?

Postby rwhyAn » Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:39 pm

Hey this question is open to all part-time evening students or those who know individuals that go part-time. I decided to forgo law school this past cycle and am looking to go part-time because I have a decent job, and more importantly, my employer will pay 100% tuition if I remain employed full-time. However, my biggest concern is getting to class on time. I work 40 minutes from the school, and unless I get out on time (which isn't always a certainty) and I hit traffic perfectly, I could easily see myself being 15-20 minutes a lot of nights. How did you all manage work and getting to class on time? Was your employer accommodating and were professors somewhat understanding to the needs of working students? Thanks.

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