Fast Response Needed: What should I wear to a CLE?

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Fast Response Needed: What should I wear to a CLE?

Postby Nightsideclipse » Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:58 am


I'm attending a CLE event today for new lawyers (first CLE; ethics and reporting lectures - no court room or trial type components). What sore of attire is appropriate? I live in a relatively informal jurisdiction (west coast).

I want to wear jeans, a comfy coat, and a shirt underneath.

Do I need to wear slacks, a blazer, and button up shirt though?


UPDATE: I decided to wear a button up casual shirt, pair of jeans, dress shoes, and slick coat. I'll go to this new lawyers CLE like a boss, regardless (future gvt./plaintiff's lawyer has no need for functionless and yuppie business casual boat shoes and such, yo). Anyhow, feel free to post experiences so I can giggle at them while bored at the CLE.

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