Patent bar - 0L or 1L summer?

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Patent bar - 0L or 1L summer?

Postby LockBox » Sun May 13, 2012 10:34 pm

This is for all of my IP peeps and anyone else on here who can chime in....

Current 0L still on track to take the patent bar this summer prior to 1L (studying the PLI home course). However, most of the advice on here is to enjoy your summer before 1L and i'm starting to take it to heart - i'm still working 50-60 hours/week, and trying to enjoy life with coworkers, friends and the gf before I move 8 hours away.

My main concern is securing a paid 1L SA paying gig and think that having the pat bar under my belt may help, but I know that with everything going on i'm going to have to make some sacrifices. I know I can knock it out winter break 1L and at latest 1L summer, but don't know how this will help/hurt 1L summer opportunities.

TL;DR - should I take the patent bar prior to 1L and sacrifice fun with family and friends, or should I relax, enjoy my summer and take it during/after 1L? Is it even that big of a difference having the pat bar under your belt as a 1L?

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