UNC - Getting around Chapel Hill

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UNC - Getting around Chapel Hill

Postby IBThatGuy » Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:56 am

For those already in the Chapel Hill area, do you find that the itinerary suggested by gotriangle.org really works best? For instance, when I put in my expected future address (108 Ephesus Church Rd.), it routes me from 110 Ephesus Church Rd. Going from there to the law school (160 Ridge Rd.) gives me a 0.65-mile walk from the bus stop to the law school. That's fine (though a little on the slow side) for much of the year, but would really stink 5-6 months out of the year.

Or does that Web site not actually provide the best itinerary? Would really love some help. Thanks in advance!

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Re: UNC - Getting around Chapel Hill

Postby The Valkyrie » Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:02 am

What bus line are you taking from Ephesus church? There are myriad bus stops much closer to the law school than .65 miles. There is always the option of leaving early and changing busses so you can be dropped off closer.

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