FT vs. PT

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FT vs. PT

Postby gorangers » Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:50 pm

I applied to both the FT and the PT. Chances are I will only be admitted to the PT, but I was held for further review after early admission for FT because I said that was my preference. I'm assuming that if I withdrew my application for FT right now, I'd get a letter soon after saying I got in to PT because my numbers are above the median, and possibly a scholarship which I don't think I'd receive if was somehow admitted to FT.

Do I need to send an email saying that I'd rather be offered PT than be waitlisted into the summer for FT? Also, am I hurting my chances for acceptance into PT and scholarship money in PT by waiting around for FT?

Any advice is appreciated. I call the admissions number and the girl who answered didn't seem to understand my question.

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