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Re: Fordham 1L Taking Questions

Postby Bach-City » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:28 pm

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Re: Fordham 1L Taking Questions

Postby Bach-City » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:30 pm

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Re: Fordham 1L Taking Questions

Postby Augy1 » Mon Jun 05, 2017 12:10 pm

What do students typically do during the winter break during law school, specifically, during 1L year?

How long is the winter break?



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Re: Fordham 1L Taking Questions

Postby CantThinkOfAUsername » Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:55 pm

aryi3025 wrote:fordham 1ls any of you still around?

i am wondering how accessible old exams are for you guys? is there an online bank or do you have to personally request from each professor?

also is your legal writing class pass/fail or graded?

lastly, what is the gym situation like there?

is there is a school gym at the lincoln center we get access too or if we are completely on our own for working out?

Thanks y'all

Most professors post old exams. There's also a database with old exams but that can be iffy. Whether the professors posts the answers and if they're vague outlines for answers or actual answers varies dramatically. All my professors have posted old exams. Just over half have posted answers but not all of them were particularly helpful answers.

Legal writing is graded and is worth three credits.

There's a NYSC a block away and there's a discount for students at Fordham. It also gives you access to all NYSCs.


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Re: Fordham 1L Taking Questions

Postby itsoram » Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:50 am

lillawyer2 wrote:
itsoram wrote:
lillawyer2 wrote:
itsoram wrote:
lillawyer2 wrote:Thanks for your indepth answer! OCI is for the private sector. How do people usually get jobs for the public sector? What are some examples of public sector gigs? I do not want to work for corporate. I hate my current job. So many sneaks, liars and psychopaths in high positions. I am learning to navigate especially since I'm leaving soon and no fucks given.

I really will try with the Mayer Brown event. I went to ASD and my lips were shut tight. I haven't been so awkward since middle school. I am usually a social butterfly-once i warm up, but i never did! i was so flustered and nervous-i left once the reception started. I did have to meet up with some old friends, but i much rather would have kept them waiting, if i could have just found my voice... i feel like if i force myself to go to this MB event, i can't be shy.

The path for public sector is much less defined (a path I have not personally explored), but I can give you my impressions. OCI might have a few public sector employers, but not many, and most likely not during Early Interview Week (when all the big firms come). Some of the Stein Scholars didn't even do OCI, I think. Public sector ranges from non-profits to government work. A lot of people are interested in being a prosecutor, for example, and pursue internships for that. Some others have a specific area of public interest that they are committed to, like civil rights law. I have heard that for the latter, it is important to have experience reflecting your interest. Fordham has a Public Interest Resource Center, where you can learn more. And if you become a Stein Scholar, there are even more resources available to you.

You can do it! There are a lot of introverted lawyers and law students. Confidence is something you can build over time, and putting yourself out there by going to these events will help.

THANKS! I am interested in AUSA at the moment, but ai heard this was something many go into after big law.

I know of at least one Fordham Law professor is on tv. I think CNN. She goes on from time to time. My dad always shouts at me that he sees her. I wonder how lawyers get gigs like that?

AUSA is pretty hard to get straight out of law school. You usually need some experience. Best routes into AUSA are probably clerkship / biglaw / DA's office. If you're serious about it, you can start looking into a 1L summer internship at the US Attorneys Office (not uncommon at Fordham). Also, look up DOJ Honors Program.

No idea how lawyers end up as TV advisor though.

thank you!

Do you know if Fordham has intramural sports teams? I know a couple law schools have them. There usually volleyball, softball, soccer or jogging.

I don't participate on any of those, and don't know if the ones besides softball exist. But you could start your own if you wanted to.

Bach-City wrote:
Bach-City wrote:
Bach-City wrote:
ZVBXRPL wrote:
Bach-City wrote:Hey, does anyone know what Fordham's median 1L GPA is?


Not sure of 1L info is available, but here's the GPA distribution each year: ... mic_honors


Very interesting. Do you know if the 1L curve is harsher than the curve for 2L and 3L? I found this old chart since posting my question.

Approximate Class Standing Class of 2010 Class of 2011/12
10% 3.61 3.57
25% 3.44 3.38
33% 3.38 3.31
50% 3.27 3.19

Not sure if Fordham's curve has changed at all.

Approximate Class Standing Class of 2015 (rising 3LD/4LE) Class of 2016/17 (rising 2LD/3LE/2LE)
10% 3.65 3.63
25% 3.5 3.42
33% 3.43 3.35
50% 3.34 3.22

Found this too

Approximate Class Standings
Class of 2017 (rising 3LD/4LE)
10% - 3.63
25% - 3.49
33% - 3.41
50% - 3.30

Class of 2018/19 (rising 2LD/3LE/2LE)
10% - 3.65
25% - 3.48
33% - 3.42
50% - 3.27

FOUND IT. Finally

Good job. Those numbers aren't the easiest to find. I have seen the statistics for this year, also, and they are similar to previous years.

Augy1 wrote:What do students typically do during the winter break during law school, specifically, during 1L year?

How long is the winter break?


Usually around a month, from mid/late December to mid/late January. 1Ls tend to relax and job search (apply & interview) for 1L summer. A good time to brace yourself for 1L spring.

Bach-City wrote:Ok, next question is where students who are between median and top third bid? (probably closer to median). That's where a very good friend of mine seems like she's going to end up. I'd like to find her some good advice as where to bid. Fordham placed 45% in BigLaw plus clerkships, so people around her grades do succeed. It's just a question of how to bid smartly.

I think I am responding to this a few weeks late, as bid lists were due early July. For future readers: there are lots of resources for the OCI process, between the CPC/SBA, rising 3Ls, and peers. I think that students at or around median will be targeting mostly v50-v100 firms, midlaw, and smaller firms for private practice. Midlaw and smaller firms mostly do their recruiting during fall weeks, rather than during EIW. I am not sure about clerkships, but believe that many students around this range also target state clerkships.


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Re: Fordham 1L Taking Questions

Postby CoastieLaw21 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 11:37 pm

I know this thread has been dead since June, but I was just accepted and had a question about commuting. Here’s my situation:

- Married (no kids, large dog)
- Husband is active duty military. If I attend, he will have full time job on Staten Island. His job would cover our life expenses during my law school.
- Im a veteran using my post-9/11 GI bill. Haven’t received scholarship info, but just with yellow ribbon and GI bill, tuition is almost free. (48k covered + 1k per year for books + about 4K per month housing stipend). As such, housing cost isn’t much of a concern.
- Husband and I will be 27 when I start law school. We would like to live somewhere that has things going on, but at the same time, aren’t overly concerned about night life.

Right now, I’m trying to decide between Brooklyn and Staten Island but favoring Staten Island. With our dog, a tini Manhattan apartment is out of the question. Would also be open to living in NJ, but i feel like that commute is even longer.

With Staten Island, I understand my commute will be over an hour each way. Right now, I commute 3 hours a day, all driving. I wake up at 5AM and don’t get home until 5:30PM. I’m thinking the ferry/subway won’t be as bad, but could be comparable.

Does anyone who goes to Fordham Law live on Staten Island? Do people commute or try to live in graduate housing? What has been your experience? Should I be looking into Brooklyn/NJ or somewhere else?

Thanks and appreciate the feedback!

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