Project management tool to manage cases and assignments

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Project management tool to manage cases and assignments

Postby bookside88 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 2:56 am

Does anyone (or anyone's chambers) use a project management tool to manage cases and assignments? What software do you use?

I mostly have very large assignments with far-out deadlines, but often with two of three of those deadlines falling in the same week or two. I've been stuck in a bad habit of working slowly and in a somewhat-disorganized fashion until realizing how close the deadline is, and then scrambling to finish. The work itself seems to be solid...never any complaints with what I produce. But I know that my judge has noticed my last-minute scrambling, and middle-of-the-night drafts.

When I worked in private practice, I know that time-keeping really helped me manage my time and work efficiently. I'm hoping to find a project management program that can help me keep more organized and that has a function to keep time for each individual project.

Does anyone use one and have any suggestion? I don't mind paying if the software is right.

Thanks in advance!

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