Columbia 1L Prof Advice?

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Columbia 1L Prof Advice?

Postby Fantasyfreak294 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:13 am

Hi friends,

I'm wondering if any 2L or 3Ls (or beyond, if you're still lurking around here) that went to CLS had either Emens for Contracts or Huang for CivPro?

Looking for any and all advice about them (exam strategies, how best to engage in their office hours, etc).


soft blue

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Re: Columbia 1L Prof Advice?

Postby soft blue » Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:15 am

huang's great. your TA's are good. the ones who went to princeton and uchicago especially know what they're talking about when it comes to law school. (not commenting on those instuitions, just don't want to post your TA's names online. The other two TAs are fine and will know the material v. well but I think won't give great advice for how to do law school.)

spend less time memorizing the precise interplay of rules, especially with jurisdiction, and more time applying law to facts. the exam won't throw a weird scenario at you where the rules interplay in confusing ways, but people study like it will. you just need to know the basic rules and play with scenarios that get on both sides of them. (e.g. I got an A-, our exam focused on class actions, I completely forgot about the predominance requirement which is a major thing. He wants to see you argue well, that's the biggest issue.)

for his policy question, you need to respond to exactly what he's asking and tie very explicitly to his question. He always asks "how would you improve civil procedure to achieve X goal" and people often don't really link well to that goal.

he also is totally uninterested in getting to know students as people. he's nice and well meaning but very distant. do very well and he'll help you out if you want clerkships etc but don't try to buddy-buddy him right now (or ever, honestly).

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