Judicial Externship General Inquiry

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Judicial Externship General Inquiry

Postby middleawkward123 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 3:35 am

Hi everybody!

I just have a general question about judicial externship opportunities. I somehow feel more comfortable asking TLS than the upperclassmen...or the career-officers.

(1) Anyway, so the general rule is to check each judge's website to see if they are hiring... if it is not listed, would you recommend calling them?

My school website lists some judges' hiring requirements but not all...

(2) What is the exact procedure to apply? Just figure out who's hiring (via phone or their rule on the website) and then just send them away?

(3) I know some still requires the documents to be mailed, is there a special rule for mailing them? Or just mail them...LOL

Thanks everyone!

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