GPA Improvement 2nd semester

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GPA Improvement 2nd semester

Postby A@M_or_bust » Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:20 am

Silly question that I am mildly curious about

Generally speaking, do firms care in the slightest if you had a significant gpa increase or decrease in your 1L second semester? I went from 3.09 to a 3.56 (placing me at median) and am wondering if this will be looked at favorably during OCI or if firms couldn't care less. I would think that they wouldn't care and just look at the cumulative gpa, but I am just curious. Thanks.


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Re: GPA Improvement 2nd semester

Postby Smibea » Fri Jun 24, 2016 2:59 pm

"Anecdotal evidence" here, but a close friend of mine in a tier 2 school (ranked 60-70) was a summer associate for and has received a return offer from a V30 with a 4.0 his second semester and a 3.2 his first semester of 1L. He is a great interviewer, but his clear upwards trajectory worked for him as well, from what he's said (people seemed to be impressed by his second semester grades, and sort of accepted that he'd just needed a few months to "get the hang of" law school before killing it.) Whatever misgivings they might have had have been calmed even more by his high 2L/3L grades.

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