ITT we discus course selection for fall semester 2015

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ITT we discus course selection for fall semester 2015

Postby DonGately » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:34 pm

Looking for assistance in selecting courses for fall 2015. Figured we could make a larger thread out of it. Anyway, I'll be a 2L next year and I'm wondering what people recommend taking during the fall semester. According to 2L's and 3L's I've spoken to, 2L can be a busy year with all the OCI/interviewing and extracurricular commitments. Thus, in case this is actually the case, I don't want naively sign up for a heavy course load. If anyone can give me insight on whether the following courses are (1) easier/harder (e.g., I've heard Fed Courts is hard), (2) require a lot of work, (3) interesting, etc.

Bankruptcy [3 credits]
Complex Litigation [3 cred] - prof has very good reviews
Congressional Investigations [2 cred] - condensed course, ends before Nov 1
Election Law [2 cred]
Employment Discrimination [3 cred]
Intellectual Property

I’ve heard these are hard:

Fed Courts


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Re: ITT we discus course selection for fall semester 2015

Postby xdeuceswild81xx » Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:05 pm

Election law was pretty easy. Bankruptcy wasn't bad either, but I did have a business background beforehand, so that might have skewed my experience a bit. I definitely recommend evidence as well. It might not be super helpful if you are to do like a doc review at biglaw, but if not, evidence is practical. Also, as sick as this sounds, I felt evidence was actually pretty interesting...and I truly do not like law school.

edit: Forgot employment. I think its totally prof dependent. Some like to go hard in the paint about 14th am issues and disparate impact....but my prof decided to talk about what happens if you voice politically unpopular opinions at the workplace for 15 weeks. Maybe someone else had a better experience than I did and could provide more info though.

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Re: ITT we discus course selection for fall semester 2015

Postby sanjola » Tue Apr 14, 2015 2:15 pm

Split up Evidence and Corporations/Business Associations over your 2L year. Make sure to take Evidence with a solid professor because it's a relatively enjoyable class.

I would take a lighter Fall course load. Maybe throw in PR and a class you are interested in. OCI/journal will take up a lot of time.

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