List of changes in Bankrtupcy law from year to year

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List of changes in Bankrtupcy law from year to year

Postby BeachedBrit » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:35 pm

Long story short, this is my last semester and I know by now that I learn best when learning from an outline. My bankruptcy class has kind of gotten away from me with my severe 3Litis and i'm only now looking at the outlines for this class. Unfortunately, the only decent ones for this class are from 2007. I know there have been significant changes in the law since then but I don't know what they are and don't have a good way to identify them. So:

1) Does anyone know of anywhere that has or just have a good list of changes in the BK code (and other related BK laws) from year to year, starting in 2007 (or whenever, I'll take anything I can get)?

2) Does anyone have a really good solid recent bankruptcy outline that I could just use to compare the ones I have to, in order to try to find any differences (that presumptively, are related to changes from year to year)


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