California Bar Feb 2014 Exam Help(easy bar-exam states?)

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California Bar Feb 2014 Exam Help(easy bar-exam states?)

Postby AntiHuman » Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:29 am

Graduated May 2013 from a T50 in the bottom 10 percent of class.
No debt
No job, although an attorney wants to hire me if I pass the bar.

Failed July 2013 CA Bar exam. MBE was meh(112), but my writing needed improvement(55's on pretty much everything except for an 80 on one essay). I found the CA Bar to be VERY difficult. I think I may have ADHD, I just can't focus on all the materials in the PT's. It's too much for me.

Retaking in February 2014. However, it's not looking good for me.

Options if I fail in February include: find another career(FBI or teach high school), or take the Massachusetts bar exam and leave my family and friends in California...that's if I really want to be a lawyer and don't want 3 years of education and 200K to go down the drain.

Question for the forum:

1. With only 3 and a half weeks left before the exam, people have told me to focus heavily on the MBE and PT's. PT's because they are worth a lot and one failed PT will bring me down a lot and the MBE's because 3 out of 6 of the essays should be MBE subjects anyway.

2. For the essays, I am led to believe that issue spotting is the most important because the graders grade these really quickly. Any tips to improve issue spotting? Instead of writing out full essays, just outline them and compare to model answers?

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