Help me pick some corp classes

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Help me pick some corp classes

Postby LSATNightmares » Fri Jan 10, 2014 9:21 am

I'm debating between the following two. I'm going into corporate law/transactional work after graduation in Silicon Valley. I have absolutely no business background, so my goal is to limit the number of times I stare at something in corporate law and wonder if it's in a foreign language.

Corporate finance: A good professor teaches it. But I'm terrible with numbers. I already took Accounting for Lawyers. Not sure how directly useful it would be.

Private equity and venture capital: It's a practical skills class. But it's at a bad time. My firm does a lot in private equity and venture capital.

And so you know, I have already taken/will be taking other corporate classes, including Business Organizations, Secured Transactions, Securities Reg, Contract Drafting, and Federal Income Tax.

Thanks in advance for your substantive comments.


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Re: Help me pick some corp classes

Postby crouton62 » Sun Jan 12, 2014 1:58 pm

Sounds like both might be a bit repetitive for you given your prior coursework. If the PE/VC class is "practical" in the sense of drafting for that practice, might not be too different from what you've had in your general drafting class. But I'd still say that class. When you say you're in going to SV transactional practice, PE/VC work would certainly have to be a big part of the work. The benefits of going into work with a good working knowledge of PE/VC stuff could be pretty high-likely enough to overcome the bad time slot. Corp Fin. will get into stuff like deal valuation that you likely haven't been exposed to yet, but at my school, my peers who took it said the class was more of a crash-course for what investment bankers do more than anything. As a SA and young associate, to the extent lawyers even have to deal with those concerns, you're not going to be the one doing so. If you have Acct. under your belt, I doubt your financial fluency will increase enough to merit passing up the PE/VC class (assuming your firm in fact does do a lot of that stuff).

TL;DR: the PE/VC Class-more directly connected to what you'll do doing as an SA/young associate.

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