3L Spring Classes

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3L Spring Classes

Fed courts
Education law
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Immigration law
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3L Spring Classes

Postby yips » Tue Dec 24, 2013 10:00 pm

At a family holiday thing -- super bored, so I'm picking classes instead!

Relevant info:
-All the classes below have exams (no papers for me)
-No particular background in any of these
-I'd like to have the option of a clerkship in the future, but I'm not doing one right after graduation -- fellowship instead
-Want to maximize fun time, but I also would like to learn something (assume that in any of these classes, I will actually learn something)
-I can take two of these classes max (practical learning class is also happening)

If you could give reasons, that would be great AND would entertain me this holiday season!

EDIT: Accidental double post. Can a mod consolidate (or delete)?

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Re: 3L Spring Classes

Postby gdane » Tue Dec 24, 2013 11:39 pm

Fed Courts if you want to do a federal clerkship. Might help for a state clerkship, but dunno.

I'd take corporations cause it might be on your states bar, but corporations is not a fun class. Immigration might be the best choice to take with fed courts. You should also pay attention to the professor that is teaching the class. Even tough classes can be fun with the right professor and even easy classes can be a bitch with bad professors.

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