Feeling stressed? Instant relief inside!

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Re: Feeling stressed? Instant relief inside!

Postby rad lulz » Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:38 am

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Re: Feeling stressed? Instant relief inside!

Postby thedive » Thu Dec 19, 2013 1:07 am

rad lulz wrote:
BigRob wrote:
nickb285 wrote:
gdane wrote:People just don't like being told that their problems don't matter. Feeling bad about an exam or grades are legitimate things to be concerned about though. Rather than trash on people for feeling stressed, it's best to gently remind them of the good things that they do have.

We all get caught up with going to the best school,getting the best grades, getting the best job, getting the chick with the best rack and best ass, that we forget to appreciate the many wonderful things that we do have. Sometimes thinking about these things closely can help you feel better because you realize that things could be worse. In a way, stepping back and looking at things closely can give you a renewed sense of confidence.

See, this is totally fair. "It'll be alright, you've got people looking out for you etc." is significantly more helpful than "You're dumb for complaining about being in debt and unemployed because dead babies in Africa."

The idea is that people bemoaning their ills should think about what good things are going on their lives (or, about the many much worse things that could have happened to them).

So, I'm not sure the former statement is more helpful than the latter. It's a platitude meant to sugarcoat what you really mean, and weakens the point.

By comparison, a straightforward, door-in-the-face statement ("your 'problems' are relatively insignificant, crybaby") captures all the meaning and force the idea has.

TL;DR: Your problems are relatively insignificant, crybabies.

My problems are more significant than starvation in Africa bc why the fuck should I give a shit about some Africans I cannot help and whose shit tier govt will probably steal whatever food we give em anyway

Doods, law school is stressful. Just drink some alcohol and move on.

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