Socratic Method

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Re: Socratic Method

Postby Hufflepuffer » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:58 pm

I just ask myself "What would Plato do?" and ramble on about forms and caves

edit: I shouldn't be so flippant all the time. I too get nervous when cold called, I think a lot of people do, but you have to remind yourself that nobody will remember what you said 10 minutes after the fact. This includes the professor. If you don't have an answer, or are unprepared, it's okay. The goal is not to ace cold calls. The goal is to ace the exam. So just give your best answer, carry on, and make sure you understand the case by the end of class. That's what class is for, or else we wouldn't be there. We'd just buy casebooks, lock ourselves in a room for 4 months, and email our answers to the professor somtime in December


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Re: Socratic Method

Postby 1l2016 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:42 pm

Thanks for all the good vibes, guys! I was still nervous as shit in class today every time the prof looked at the call list, but hopefully it will get better with time. I'm going to try to start volunteering in class and hopefully that will help with the nerves. I feel like I know the answer a lot of the time, but I pussy out and never raise my hand. My school has big 1L classes which makes it intimidating for me, but I'll def. be keeping y'all's advice in mind!

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