Torts - Third Restatement Causal Set Question

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Torts - Third Restatement Causal Set Question

Postby Jimbo_Jones » Mon May 06, 2013 1:27 pm

Hypo - Let's say A negligently sells B a fake ID and B goes to C's bar where C negligently starts a fire that burns B.

When dealing with causation in fact with respect to A's liability to B under Restatement 3rd §27 cmt f, A's negligence might not have been a sufficient but-for cause of B's burn injury (wouldn't have been at the bar w/o the fake ID but wouldn't have been burned w/o C's negligence), but is still a necessary element of sufficient causal set with C's negligence and therefore a cause in fact.

Prox/legal cause fails though because C's negligence is an intervening cause that is unforeseeable and therefore superseding.

Sound about right?

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