Patent Bar Test Prep

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Patent Bar Test Prep

Postby jimaynard2 » Thu Mar 14, 2013 9:41 am

I am a current 2L studying for the patent bar. Most patent attorneys that I have spoken with and my professors say that practice exams are the most effective way to study. I did not like the review course I bought, because I wanted to check the answer after each question. The only option was to pull up the pdf of the answers separately, and I would often see the answer to the next question as well. Anyway, I wrote a windows program for taking practice patent bar exams available at This program allows taking an exam straight through under timed conditions or a study mode that displays the answer after the user inputs their answer for each question. It also creates randomized exams so the user doesn't begin to memorize the question order. I am debating on selling the program as either a supplement to other prep courses or as a standalone prep course. I currently have the price at $249.
I would like to know what you other patent bar eligible students think.

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