Updating resume for GPA & job apps w/ transcripts

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Updating resume for GPA & job apps w/ transcripts

Postby TLSwag » Fri Jan 25, 2013 8:38 pm

I just received my grades back this week (currently 1L). Seeking insight for a few questions I had regarding updating resume and already submitted applications for the summer. Probably matters that will prove to be quite trivial; nonetheless, I would appreciate any guidance.

I am very content with my grades (and this is not in any way, shape or form a humble-brag), however, they are not "stellar" per se. What is the appropriate/suggested manner for reflecting this on my resume? (if at all?) I received 3.44 at lower t14, and unfortunately my school doesn't release an official median GPA (likely around 3.3 or a little below), doesn't rank, and only provides last year's section data for top 10%, 15%, 33% cut-offs. Based on that, I appear to be ahead of one of the section's GPA cut-off for top 1/3, but slightly below the others. Do I just put the GPA number without any rough percentile qualification? And if so, do I need to also be consistent and list my undergraduate GPA? Fellow splitters, help a brotha out haha, 3.4 UG GPA, from a prestigious undergrad, but that still doesn't look too pretty : /

Regarding already submitted applications (before grades were accessible), clearly I will be sending out unofficial transcripts to employers who requested them initially. However, what is the general consensus for pending applications that didn't ask for transcripts? Since I feel decent about my grades, do I shoot ones out for them or does that look foolish because they didn't ask? Just weird that some of the most desirable (aka $$) positions I applied to didn't seem to require the transcript, yet I still haven't heard from these places, so I am not sure what would be most appropriate.

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