Fundraising Ideas?

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Fundraising Ideas?

Postby dolfan0516 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:20 pm

Anyone have any unique fundraising ideas that their law school does? I need to raise money for a student group, and all I can think of are the basic ideas. For example, I heard of a group doing speed dating between all the graduate students, and that seems like it is a fun idea that will make a lot of money.

These are the ideas I have now, but they seem boring:
Bar review drink specials wristband
Eating competition
Bake sale
Trivia night
Fundraising challenge (person who raises most money gets a gift/award/present)
Candy sale
Student cookbook
Tshirt sale

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Re: Fundraising Ideas?

Postby cinephile » Tue Jan 22, 2013 11:34 pm

Ask Barbri or Kaplan to donate and then let them give a little speech in front of your student group.

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Re: Fundraising Ideas?

Postby Mr. Pink » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:29 am

If you're doing something like selling stuff, this is the way to go. Instead of selling candy or wrapping paper or whatever, you sell sports memorabilia. They also help you set up the fundraiser and guide you throughout the process. Maybe be a little more than what you had in mind... a speed dating thing or fun contest would probably be easier. However I would recommend this over selling other merchandise.

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