My budget for paying off 240k in loans

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Re: My budget for paying off 240k in loans

Postby PSteel » Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:53 am

BlaqBella wrote:Why wouldn't you be able to take a cab home at night? I've known partners who took rides back home as far as CT. Living 45-1hr from the office isn't so bad so long as youre accesible when needed.

Also look at apartments in BK and Astoria, Queens. 30-45 minutes away for $1000/month rent.

This, I rent an apartment for cheap in Queens right now. Use the money that you save with that to funnel into your loan payments. Another thing to note is that Queens is cheaper to live in overall than Manhattan, so you'll save on things like food and entertainment as well. You can move into the city when you don't have 200k+ in debt breathing down your neck.

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