Bottom 10 of class, 3L, focus on grades, Bar, or employment?

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Re: Bottom 10 of class, 3L, focus on grades, Bar, or employment?

Postby BlueLotus » Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:42 pm

AntiHuman wrote:2.7GPA

-->T30 grad
-->Passed the February 2014 CA Bar. Licensed since July. Have been looking for a job ever since.
-->Bay Area Native. Willing to work anywhere in Northern California.
-->Bottom 10 percent of class...didn't really pay attention in law school. Didn't participate much in school activities. Few journals and moot court.
-->No debt. In fact, I can work some shit job for a few years, but I really need some good experience/mentorship. I am a slow starter/learner, but speed up quickly.
-->No significant work experience. Literally all I have on my resume is my summer work from 1L, 2L and a few externships during law school. Nothing after my 3L year. Huge red flag.

I also realized I hate legal research and writing. I think I prefer to do boilerplate motions and courtroom work. It seems criminal law is the only way to go. Any general advice on my situation? Should I contact my county and see if I can volunteer my time for court appointed criminal law cases? What are some websites I can use to find jobs? I am currently using and craigslist.

Also, is getting a real estate license worth it for an attorney in California? Would it be worth my time or can attorneys pretty much do most things a realtor can do?

I have even contacted small firms to see if I can work for free. I don't even get replies back most of the time.

^Have you looked into this?

or this:


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Re: Bottom 10 of class, 3L, focus on grades, Bar, or employment?

Postby AReasonableMan » Tue Oct 14, 2014 4:51 pm

It is pretty pointless to focus on grades here. There's no job you're precluded from with bottom 10 percent grades but not bottom 20 percent. A 2.5 v. a 2.35 is a joke. Wherever you will wind up it will be despite your grades. Focus on other skills and contacts while not dropping. Network around shitlaw. Your career will be much more contingent on whether the solo you work for is respected or is disbarred for being a sketchy asshole than on your B vs. C in legal theory circle jerk 101.

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